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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Warrior Waddle

Sometimes running seems like a pretty selfish pastime - the hours spent training and recovering from workouts take away from other things you could (and sometimes should) be doing. The constant desire to schedule the rest of your life around your running can be disruptive to the lives of others around you - to those closest to you.

Like a lot of runners, I've decided to try my hand at using my running habit as a way to help others. My upcoming run at Mind the Ducks 12-hour will be to benefit one of my favorite charities these days: Wounded Warrior Project..

I was just 10 years old or so in the early 1970's, when stories broke on the news of returning veterans being spit on when they arrived home. There are few things in my life that I remember making me so angry. How I wished at the time that I could do something about it, to make it right.

Today we have a new generation of brave young men and women returning from another foreign conflict - thousands of them severely injured and needing help to rebuild their lives. And today I can do something.

On this coming May 12th, I will be running and walking at Mind the Ducks in Rochester, NY. This will be my first attempt to go beyond 50K (about 31 miles). My goal for the race is to cover at least 50 miles within the 12-hour time limit.

If you would like to support me just click on the fundraising icon at the top of this page to be taken to the fundraising site I have set up with Donating through FirstGiving is fast, easy, and secure.

Alternatively, if you'd like to donate an amount per mile I run, you can check back here or at the donation site after May 12th to see how I did and make your donation then.  Please consider leaving a comment on this blog post indicating your intention to support me, as it will help encourage me to my best possible performance on race day.  You may also want to consider at least temporarily 'following' my blog so that you will be reminded with an e-mail when I post my results.

Thank you for taking time to consider supporting me and our wounded warriors through Wounded Warrior Project!


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