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Reverse-engineering the Ultramarathon

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dear Runnerfolk, We've Been Sold a Bill of Goods!

Hello there, my blog-reading public! This post marks the beginning of what might become a new regular feature of this blog. As I develop as a runner and as I consume and digest more knowledge and opinion about the sport of long-distance running (and ultrarunning in particular) and as an engineer and an analyzer, I find myself coming to a number of strong opinions on various topics related to training and running.

Also, having recently joined Facebook and begun collecting a good number of friends in various running communities, I find myself increasingly tempted to jump into conversations of those friends (or friends of those friends) with this 'sage wisdom' with which three years of training for and running ultras has endowed me. In other words, I'm tempted to be a real jerk!

In an attempt to save me from that fate, I am launching "Dear Runnerfolk" here on my blog as a place for me to vent some of these opinions without pushing them. Anyone interested can come and read my rants here. No one uninterested will be forced to read around them or be offended by them in a conversation they're otherwise happy with!

Ain't I a considerate guy?

Well, with that as an explanation for what's to come, lets jump into this inaugural post!