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Reverse-engineering the Ultramarathon

Sunday, May 24, 2015

2015 3 Days at the Fair 72-hour

How to not do 200 Miles in a 72-hour Race

When my plan went south (fourth row down).
When you choose a goal for a race, if you're serious about improvement as a runner, you choose an ambitious goal. You should not be afraid to aim much farther or faster than you have ever gone before. Somewhere ahead there is a perfect point of balance between self-limiting beliefs and crazy, unrealistic expectations.

This is ultimately the story of how the goal was right, how I failed to reach it, and why I am nevertheless very proud and satisfied with what I accomplished at this year's 3 Days at the Fair (3DATF) 72-hour ultra.

For those who waded through my report from last year, I will share another goal I have set for myself: that this report will break with my tradition of writing race reports of a length proportional to the number of miles I ran! Let's see how I do...